Zinc Chloride & Zinc Carbonate

Zinc Chloride, Dry, 98%, battery grade, China, Supplier, Manufacturer, Factory

Zinc Chloride CAS No.: 7646-85-7

Zinc Chloride, Used as electrolyte substance of batteries, Zinc Galvanizing, Medicine intermediates, Pesticide intermediates ,Coal washing, Dehydration or condensing agent in organic compound industry, Activator of cation exchange resin


Zinc Carbonate CAS No.: 5970-47-8

Zinc Carbonate used as zinc fertilizer, feed additives, etc. Industrial uses: To make light astringent and latex products, to prepare calamine lotion, but also to produce rayon, desulfurizer for chemical fertilizer industry and main raw material for catalyst.

Zinc Carbonate
Zinc Carbonate, Zinc Carbonate basic ,CAS,5970-47-8,ZINC CARBONATE BASIC suppliers, China, Supplier, Manufacturer, Factory

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