Sodium Formate
CAS No.:141-53-7

Sodium Formate, CAS No.:141-53-7, China, fctory, Supplier, manufacturer

Sodium Formate CAS No.:141-53-7

  • Ingredients: Sodium Formate
  • Location: China
  • Price: USD1200/Mt
  • Delivery time: 15days
  • Capacity: 10000MTS
  • Tags: Sodium Formate, CAS No.:141-53-7

Sodium Formate CAS NO.:141-53-7

Product Name: Sodium formate
Synonyms: Formatede sodium,Formax,Formic acid, Na salt; Mravencan sodny, mravencansodny, Sodium formate, hydrated, Sodium formate, refined; Sodiumformate, dihydrate
Ingredients: Sodium formate
Purity: 98%
PH Value: 8.5-9.5
CAS No.: 141-53-7
Appearance: white granular or crystalline powder
Packing: 25kg bags,50kg bags,1000kg bags
Uses: Sodium Formate Used in oil, leather, printing and dyeing, additives, snow-melting.It can be produced the formic acid and sodium hydrosulfite

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